Hi there!
My name is Osmeli Anais Delgado


I was born and raised in Venezuela. Throughout my childhood I spent every day after-school, most Saturdays, and all summer at the local town art gallery. This immersion into art and artists was the initial seed into my lifelong passion for art.

After learning about architecture in Venezuela, I moved to New York City to study at the National Academy School of Art. It was there that I developed my art in different media including sculpture, printmaking, cyanotype and painting. I have shown my work in various solo and group exhibitions in New York, New Jersey, and Venezuela.

My website-O MY Heart offers a diverse product line featuring illustrations based on my artwork of the human heart. The human heart is a universal symbol of life. Every single one of us has a heart!

My latest series entitled "Girl with a Heart", is the story of a woman who truly lives, loves, plays, heals; who experiments, embraces life, seeks adventure, cultivates what really nourishes her with self-acceptance, forgiveness, friendship, and love. This is how, through accessible art, one can easily remember lessons that bring growth to one’s life.

O My Heart is for anyone who seeks to acquire art that allows contemplation. Through various depictions of the human heart I aim to pump your own life experiences and transformations into whatever you would like them to be.

My main objective is to create practical art that transmits hope and freshness for daily life, enhancing the value of women and men in today's world.

Osmeli Delgado

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